Today we mark International Women’s Day to recognise the innumerable and invaluable contributions of women to the world and raise awareness of the continued struggles for women’s liberation.

International Women's Day!We especially pay tribute to the many women in local government, voluntary organisations, businesses and other ventures seeking a safe, just, and liberated world.

We know from research that women’s participation in government more often than not leads to more collaborative, community-centred approaches and bipartisan democracy that improves circumstances for all.

While there have been improvements in the number of women in government worldwide (rising from 13% in 2005 to 25% in 2020*) , there is still much more to be done. Not only to increase the numbers of women in government but to curtail the gendered discrimination that disempowers and endanger those women pursuing radical and necessary changes we need across our society. We stand in solidarity and send our love to the many women across sectors who resist and persist despite the many discriminations they face.

The Queen’s Park Community Council is proud to have had a 50-50 gender parity between male and female councillors for the past four years, compared to the latest census for local governments of 63% male to 36% female councillors**. We are committed to upholding gender parity between men and women and enabling more gender diversity among councillors. It is equally important that our Council represents our community’s racial and religious diversity to best understand and meet the variety of needs in Queen’s Park.

As such, our International Women’s Day tribute is also a call to action for women of all backgrounds across our community. We encourage you to put yourself forward in the upcoming local election to stand as a QPCC Councillor. As a Community Councillor, your concerns and voice will be instrumental in the work to improve our local area for all those who live, work and visit here.

Councillors do not need prior experience, just a vision and passion for a better Queen’s Park, Westminster. Please get in touch with us for advice about how to run in elections, and to find out more about the ongoing support we can offer you as a QPCC Councillor.