Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan

Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan

Queen's Park Neighbourhood Plan (Front page)
Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan (Front page)

Queen’s Park Community Council is committed to developing our neighbourhood as one with access to the best possible facilities and a natural environment for all to live safely and healthily. The introduction of Neighbourhood planning in the Localism Act 2012 gave communities access to statutory powers to make this possible.

After a decade of consulting with residents, the City Council and other local organisations, the Community Council compiled the feedback to produce the Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan outlines policies that will guide decision-making about new developments in the area. Ensuring all new developments:

– Meets the need of the community
– Protects our green and open spaces
– Mitigates the impact on the climate and promotes sustainable

In 2021, the Neighbourhood Plan was put to a community-wide referendum, giving residents a choice about whether or not to adopt these policies as statutory guidelines. With 91% of the votes cast favouring the Neighbourhood Plan, it was adopted as a statutory document. It now functions alongside Westminster City Council’s Planning guidelines.

In addition to outlining policies for planning and development, adopting the Neighbourhood plan has increased QPCC’s entitlement to Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) – a charge that the City Council sets on new developments. With the Plan’s adoption, QPCC can now access 25% of the Neighbourhood CIL collected by the City Council, which it uses to improve and increase our existing community facilities, services, and infrastructure.

Read more about how QPCC has invested its CIL funds.

QPCC continues to access local needs and can update the Neighbourhood Plan to reflect them.

If you have any ideas on policies that can improve the Neighbourhood Plan, do get in touch with us by emailing planning@queensparkcommunitycouncil.gov.uk

Download The Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan.