Councillors’ Elections

QPCC Councillors 2022-2026Councillors are Queen’s Park residents who carry out a democratic role to represent the Community. They are not paid for this work but are entitled to a small allowance. Being a Community Councillor is an outstanding opportunity to represent and advocate for your Community. As a Community Councillor, you will:

  • Contribute to the vibrancy of Queen’s Park and make it a better place to live and work, helping other residents do something about issues that affect them.
  • Provide Queen’s Park with the financial and social investment it needs to thrive in a climate of cuts to public spending and a cost of living crisis.
  • Have a voice and a vote on what the Community Council does. 

The Community Council is made up of ordinary people just like you. No prior experience is needed, just passion, enthusiasm and commitment. Perspective Councillors must be prepared to participate in some initial training, attend Council and Committee Meetings having read the Papers and be ready to discuss issues affecting the Community and make decisions.

There are thirteen Council and Committee Meetings annually, all occurring on Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 8pm. These meetings allow Councillors to represent local people’s interests and influence decisions through the Council’s various work areas. 

Councillors’ elections occur every four years: the next election will be in 2026. 

In the meantime, if a Councillor chooses to step down for some reason or becomes disqualified, the Council can co-opt a Councillor in their place. 

If you want to become a Community Councillor, please contact us for a chat. You may also wish to subscribe to our e-bulletin and read the Queen’s Park Voice, which will provide information in the run-up to the next elections, as well as if a vacancy arises.


“It’s easy to sit at home and complain about things you want to see change in your community. Being a Councillor has given me the opportunity to be productive and do something about it, as well as helping others. Who knows our community better than us, the people that live in it?”

Councillor Emma Sweeney

“I love QPCC. It has given me the opportunity to be active politically without being a member of a political party, and to help make improvements to my local community, which I love”

Councillor Gill Fitzhugh