Queen’s Park Dog Strategy

Queen’s Park Dog Strategy

Dog Show In response to concerns, QPCC conducts a dog strategy to combat anti-social dog behaviour and dog ownership across the ward.

The strategy includes weekly patrols with Westminster City Council enforcement officers to ensure responsible behaviour. In Westminster, this includes having dogs on leads at all times except in the Queen’s Park Gardens dog run.

The Dog Strategy Co-ordinator also runs dog socialising workshops and advice sessions, with longer courses available for community members with pets identified as having specific behavioural issues and needing additional support and assistance.

The strategy also includes an Annual Dog Show during the Queen’s Park Summer Festival. The Dog Show awards dogs and dog owners in several categories.

For more information regarding the Dog Strategy, email info@queensparkcommunitycouncil.gov.uk

We are working with residents, the City Council and other partners to tackle local issues regarding dog anti-social behavior. If you’ve witnesses something concerning or have any suggestion on how we can approach the issue, please complete the form below. You can also report urgent issues through the City Council’s report it platform.

Community Dog Watch