Parks, Green and Open Spaces

Parks, Green and Open Spaces

Queen's Park Gardens
…………………………………..Queen’s Park Gardens

Queen’s Park Gardens

Queen’s Park Gardens, located between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue, is our Community’s primary green space – the heart of our Community and home of QPCC’s large events: the Queen’s Park Summer Festival, Fireworks Display and the Queen’s Park Winter Festival. There are several distinct areas within the Queen’s Park Gardens:

  •  The Rose Garden is a tranquil area with seating, perfect for reading and observing the rose orchid.
  • The Wildlife Area is a peaceful space populated with wild plants, a walking path and log seating where residents can observe a range of insects, birds, and other creatures.
  • The Children’s Playground and sandpit are popular with families and local nursery groups.
  • The Sports Cages is home to various morning, evening and weekend activities organised by local organisations. 
  • The Outdoor Gym offers several free-to-use exercise equipment. 
  • The Dog Run is an enclosed, dedicated area where dogs can be let off lead and a communal meeting space for dog owners. 


BT Gardens Outdoor Classroom
………..BT Gardens Outdoor Classroom

BT Gardens 

In 2022, working in collaboration with St John’s Evangelist Church and Westminster Children’s University, QPCC approached British Telecom to request the use of the vacant plot of land behind the BT building on building on Harrow Road. British Telecom responded quickly and supported the idea, agreeing to licence the land for community use for a preliminary period of 5 years.

The plot of land, now known as the BT Garden, is equipped with an outdoor classroom and is used by approved community groups facilitating environmental projects. 

Whilst the BT Gardens is not open access, individuals and community groups wishing to use the space to run environmental activities can do so by working in collaboration with Queen’s Park Community Council, Westminster Children’s University, Bales College or St John’s Evangelist Church.

Email the proper officer if you have an idea for a project in the BT Gardens. 


Lancefield Gardens – a small play area behind Lewes House, Lancefield Street, W10 4PX. This Park is maintained by Westminster City Council’s Housing department and is open to residents

Harrow Road Open Space
Harrow Road Open Space

throughout the year.

Queen’s Park Court Gardens – a small leisure garden within the Queen’s Park Court Estate. It is maintained by Westminster City Council and can be accessed from Ilbert Street, W10 4QB. 

Selby Square –  a small play area on the Mozart Estate (W10 4AP) managed by the housing association A2Dominion. Shelby square is due to be remodelled in 2023/2024. 

Harrow Road Open Space– a small open space overseeing the canal adjacent to the Harrow Road. There is an ongoing regeneration plan for the Canal side, with works due to start in Spring/Summer 2023. More information about the regeneration can be found online.