Working Groups

QPCC runs various events, projects and services, many of which are proposed by and developed by the Council’s Working Groups. While Working Groups do not make financial decisions, their recommendations inform the Council’s strategic and financial decisions.

You can join one or more of QPCC’s Working Groups by completing the online registration form.

Setting up air quality monitoring stations

Air Quality

In June 2017, we found that air quality in Queen’s Park was significantly above safe levels as outlined by the EU. Since then, initiatives have been put in place to monitor and improve the levels of nitrogen dioxide. As a member of the air quality working group, you can help plan and run events and activities to raise awareness and improve the air quality in Queen’s Park. You can also help collect samples that monitor changes in air quality and propose new initiatives to strengthen QPCC’s efforts. 

Climate Action Fest 2021

Climate Emergency

QPCC works with Westminster City Council and other local partners to decarbonise and promote a positive impact on the local and global climate. As a member of the climate emergency Working Group, you will play an integral role in helping to achieve these ambitions. Including systematically reviewing the Community Council’s environmental policies, the charter for procurement and strategy for maintaining net-zero emissions through retrofitting, renewable energy and other carbon-neutral initiatives. You will also help raise awareness, support initiatives to protect biodiversity and propose new projects across the community. 


Summer in Queen's Park Programme 2022

Children and Young People

Ensuring children and young people have healthy and happy lives is pivotal to our mission at QPCC. The Children and Young People Working Group members help build and sustain relationships with young people’s organisations and services across the neighbourhood and support initiatives to plug the gap in services and opportunities. Your role in the Working Group will also involve helping to deliver and evaluate events and new initiatives for the children and young people of Queen’s Park. 

Eid Celebration 2021

Community Engagement

Member of the Community Engagement Working Group represents the voice, diversity and social mix of Queen’s Park and ensures that Council initiatives meet community needs. You will also help maintain communication channels with others (residents, businesses and other stakeholders) to propose new initiatives and collaborate with other Working Groups to run events and programmes that bring the Community together. 

QPCC Winter Festival 2022


The Events Working Group oversees the planning, organising and running of QPCC’s events and social activities, including the Queen’s Park Summer Festival, Winter Fair and Fireworks Display. The Events Working Group members ensure that events are inclusive, celebrate the community’s diversity, and help promote Queen’s Park’s cultural diversity. As a member, you will also help to put forward funding proposals to external bodies and work closely with external agencies and contractors to innovate and facilitate QPCC’s events and socials.


Grants Panel Meeting

Grants Panel

QPCC Grants programme supports local organisations, groups and individuals to deliver services or events for the local community. As a Grants Panel member, you will promote the grants across the neighbourhood and help decide which projects receive funding and other non-monetary support. Members of the Grants Panel do not need grant-making experience, just experience and knowledge about the local community and its needs. Members will receive training on grant-making and community development.

Queen's Park Conservation Area Planning Information Guide


As a statutory consultee, QPCC is notified of and makes comments on any significant planning application made to the City Council. The Community Council has delegated this activity to the Planning Working Group, which responds by considering the policies and principles of the Neighbourhood Plan and the Conservation Area Planning Information Guide. As a member of the Planning Working Group, you will support the writing of responses to planning consultations and help the Community Council develop its planning policies and procedures.


Out of the Picture, Community Play 2022

Public and Community Arts

Research shows a clear link between the health of a community and the quality of social spaces within that community. Public and community art creates spaces for people to develop and celebrate culture, build bonds, and promote mental health and well-being. As a Public and Community Arts Working Group member, you will help develop the public art programme, fundraise and run community projects and promote resident engagement. 

QPCC Winter Social 2021

Social Inclusion

The Social Inclusion Working Group helps the Council identify and address gaps in support for vulnerable and marginalised groups. Social Inclusion Working Group members also help establish and maintain relationships with social care provision and social action groups across Queen’s Park.


Harrow Road Business Association Meeting

Economic Development

The Economic Development Working Groups’ objectives are to support sustainability for local businesses and promote entrepreneurialism and local employment opportunities. As a group member, you will work with business networks, the City Council and broader stakeholders to help develop strategic approaches to achieve these goals. 

Queen's Park Voice

Queen’s Park Voice

The Queen’s Park Voice is the community newsletter, delivering news and opportunities to the 5000+ households in the ward. As a member of The Queen’s Park Voice Working Group, you will contribute written and visual art pieces to the newsletter and source contributions from the community. You will also help oversee the compilation, editing, printing, and distribution of The Queen’s Park Voice.

Group Meeting

Start a Working Group 

You might have a great idea for a project that you think would benefit the residents of Queen’s Park or issues you think the Community Council should address. If this is the case, do not hesitate to get in touch. It may be something that the Council can support you in setting up a Working Group to address. If not, the Community Development Officer may be able to offer you some advice about sources of help and grant funding, including from the Community Council’s Community Grants of Pop-up Grants Programmes.