Queen’s Park Community Council aims to be a voice for the people of Queen’s Park. To do this, we need to know what’s important to you and your suggestions for what you’d like us to do. We are waiting and ready to hear from you, whatever you have to say.


Raise an issue
or idea

The Community Council is delighted to hear from local residents and organisations who have an idea they want to see come to life or have an issue they want to see addressed. We encourage you to get in touch by emailing your Community Councillors and / or Officers, or why not voice your issue or idea in person at a full council meeting. To learn more about your right to speak at meetings of the Council/Committees, download the document here.


Speak up Queen's Park!

Between October 2019 and Summer 2020, QPCC’s community engagement team will be out and about meeting local people and finding out what you think QPCC should support and do in the area in line with our vision, mission and objectives, as well as exploring new ways residents can get involved. Come see us at one of our engagement events, starting with the Winter Festival (with more dates to be announced soon), or complete our online form.

Community Council Elections

Elections for the Community Council are held every four years, with the next due to take place in May 2022 – the same time local elections for Westminster City Council. Elections are your chance to express your voice through the ballot box. You must be registered to vote to participate in all elections, including for national ones. Eligible citizens can register online at www.gov.uk/registertovote.

If you lots of ideas or feel strongly about issues in Queen’s Park, why not consider becoming a Community Council yourself? Being a Community Councillor is an outstanding opportunity to represent and advocate on behalf of your community. The Community Council is made up of ordinary people, just like you. No prior experience is needed, just passion, enthusiasm, commitment and a few hours a month to spare. We need at least 16 residents to stand for election each time for spaces to be contested and for a community council poll (election) takes place.

Making A Complaint

If you have reason to complain about any aspect of Queen’s Park Community Council, please  contact the Chief Officer or the Chair of the Council, in the first instance. We support the practice of trying to resolve issues initially through an informal approach wherever possible.

We welcome constructive criticism, on the grounds that it can be the fastest way to resolve issues and learn, and we always respond quickly to such criticism.

If you need to take your concerns further, please refer to the following policies and procedures.

  • If you wish to make a complaint about an individual councillor please refer to the Councillor Code of Conduct and the Complaints Procedure. Relations between councillors and staff are governed by the Member and Officer protocol. The council’s Complaints procedure states (p1): ‘A complaint relating to a member’s failure to comply with the Code of Conduct must be submitted to Westminster City Council’s Monitoring Officer.’ The process and form are here.
  • If you wish to make a complaint about an officer of the council, you should make this known to the Chair of HR Committee or to the Chair of Council. The council has internal disciplinary and grievance procedures for staff issues.


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