QPCC's Gardening Volunteers Lunch 2023
…………………………………………..QPCC’s Gardening Volunteers Lunch 2023

Queen’s Park Community Council was born from residents’ efforts to create positive change in the area. It is through their continued enthusiasm for change, whether as Councillors or as Volunteers that the Community Council makes a difference.

We understand volunteering as a ‘give and give’ relationship and are committed to ensuring that volunteers feel appreciated for their valued work and can develop their personal, social and professional needs. So, whether you wish to support improvements across the Community, learn new skills, gain experience, or meet new people, our volunteering programme offers flexibility and support to ensure you can get the most out of the experience.

As volunteers with QPCC, you have a right to:
• Equal treatment as outlined in our equal opportunities policy
• Adequate information, training, support and supervision
• Health and safety information to maximise your safety and welfare
• Reimbursement of reasonable, agreed on out-of-pocket expenses
• Be valued by everyone within QPCC
• Be treated sympathetically and fairly if faced with problems relating to volunteer conduct or complaints.
• Be consulted if changes are introduced that will affect your role.

Community Volunteers
Residents who sign up to become Community Volunteers will receive emails wherever opportunities arise and can get involved in various activities on a ad hoc basis through out the year. Whether it’s supporting community events or the Garden Clean-up project, putting up posters, delivering the Queen’s Park Voice, helping out in the QPCC Office or attending working group meetings whenever you have the time!

Working Group Volunteers

QPCC’s Working Groups meet semi-regularly to recommend, deliver and evaluate local events and services. These groups consist of Councillors and other volunteers coming together to raise concerns and put forward ideas to address issues or provide for the needs of the Community. Find out more about Working Groups.

Earn Rewards

We know most people volunteers because it gives a sense of purpose and helps us feel more connected to our community, but we think it’s important to say thanks to those who give time and energy into making our community a better place. So, we joined the Tempo Time Credit Programme, now every time someone volunteers we give them credits which can be redeemed online for a range of rewards such as tickets to live events, free yoga classes, haircuts and more!

Upcoming Volunteering Opportunities: 

Communitea – We are seeking volunteers to support coffee morning sessions at Juniper House and Brooke Court – these are assisted living accommodations for senior and disabled residents. Coffee morning take place on Tuesday’s once a month at each location from 12 – 2pm. Volunteers will support the preparation of refreshments, run social activities and build relationships with residents.

Housing Survey – QPCC is currently seeking volunteers to go door-to-door on their street or a neighbouring streets completing the housing survey with residents. This survey will build an evidence base so the Council can better work with other statutory and charitable bodies to address resident’s housing concerns. Volunteers can support with collecting survey responses at times that best suit them.

Posters – In order to best engage residents that are digitally excluded, QPCC promotes its events and opportunities by placing laminated posters on lamp=posts at key areas across the neighbourhood. Currently, there are a number of activities we wish to promote, so we are seeking the support of volunteers to put up poster promoting these activities -and taking down old posters. Volunteers can support at any time that suits them best.


Volunteer with Queen's Park Community Council
We are also enthusiastic about engaging young people in the area. For safeguarding purposes, young people under the age of 13 must provide the contact details of a parent, guardian or carer.
E.g Gardening, working with older people, supporting in QPCC's office, etc.
You can choose multiple activities
This information helps us to provide necessary adjustments to keep volunteers safe.
This information helps us to provide necessary adjustments to keep volunteers safe.
Having a criminal conviction does not automatically disqualify anyone from volunteering. We are required to collect this information and may need to discuss disclosures with you.