Local Legend

Miss Brown worked at Paddington Arts and lived on the Mozart Estate. She had worked tirelessly in the community and at Paddington Arts, making a great difference to the community she served. Miss Brown was in her 90s when she passed and had helped local families for over five generations. Cllr Eartha Pond, Vice Chair, paid tribute to Miss Brown through this poem:

M- Mozart Queen, who nurtured generations of residents with empathy and love

I- Ineffable in every way shape or form, an irreplaceable pillar of the West London Community

S- Smile from ear to ear and a voice so distinctive it accompanied respect

S- Saltfish fish cakes were number one in the business PERIOD! Just enough scotch bonnet to make your nose be on standby to potentially run whilst your tongue tingled
B- Bruckner Street security, but a welcoming version!
Always greeted with a smile and the words “Hello Dearie” on the streets corner
R- Rave of the Year, always hosting her grandchildren’s annual joint birthday party. No invites were given because ALL the children locally were invited!Pass-the-parcel looked like a school assembly, there was that many children sitting on the carpet.
O- One of a kind! Her memory and legacy will live on forever.

W- Walters was her real surname, however Miss Brown is how the community knew her and will be spoken about for generations to come.

N- Natural beauty inside and out – on behalf of the community I would like to say THANK YOU for all that you have done and continue to do through the seeds that you have sown.