Celebrating 10 years of the Queen’s Park Community Council

Queen’s Park Community Council celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Queen’s Park Community Council (QPCC) – London’s first and only Parish Council – came together with residents to celebrate a decade of the Council’s work and impact across Queen’s Park, Westminster. The Community Council elected its first cohort of Councillors at local elections in May 2014, and has been growing strong since then, taking forward its mission to improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of local people while promoting a strong sense of community. The Community came together last Saturday at the Annual Meeting, turned 10th anniversary celebration to reflect on the Community Council’s past and look forward to its future.

At the event was an archival exhibition showcasing a proud history of resident-led local governance and community-centred initiatives. Including a showcase of original materials used in the campaign to establish the Council more than a decade ago,  posters and photos from the hundreds of events around the neighbourhood – from the annual community events, to youth projects, Black History Month events and much more. Also on display was a decade of progress showcased in Annual Reports, as well as a display of QPCCs Strategic Plan as it looks to the future of the community.

On May 22nd 2014, just over 10 years ago, following three-year campaign by Queen’s Park residents, the Community Council elected its first 12 Councillors – local people who volunteer their time, expertise and local knowledge to support the Council in meeting its commitment to the community.

Today the Community Council represents more than 14,000+ people living in Queen’s Park, Westminster – extending between Kilburn Lane in the north and west, Harrow Road in the south and Portnall Road in the east, including the Queen’s Park Court, Avenues’ Gardens and Mozart estates.

Its successes are many – from running its extremely popular Annual Summer Festivals, Fireworks Display and Winter Fair drawing thousands of local people, to weekly community wellbeing projects and the Summer in Queen’s Park Programme providing free holiday activities for families. programmes. Over the years the Council has also provided in excess of £265,000 to enable local groups and organisations to run projects and services to meet residents’ needs – including a special grant to the Avenue’s Youth Project over 6 years.

The Council continues to be a voice for Queen’s Park residents working with the City Council and other statutory bodies on issues such as housing and planning and in a landslide referendum in 2021 adopted the Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan which is a statutory document, created in deep consultation with the community to help ensure their needs guide future developments, regeneration and conservation of the Queen’s Park area.

Thanks to local Councillors and other volunteers, residents continue to drive the Community Council forward. Residents help guide Council decision making via a range of Working Groups which make recommendation to the Council and by having their say at the Council’s meetings. The Council also runs listening exercises where residents keep up to date with resident’s needs and concerns, last year this included resident’s review and input into the Council’s 2022- 2026 Strategic Plan, and an ongoing consultation to better understand residents’ housing conditions and concerns.

Council Chair Eartha Pond (a retired professional footballer, charity founder and local community activist) had this to say: “Reaching this milestone has been incredibly humbling. Celebrating our impact and connection with the community over the past 10 years has been truly special. This achievement strengthens my commitment—and that of the Council—to continue co-producing with our residents and volunteers to achieve our shared goal of making Queen’s Park a healthier and happier place to live. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the residents who have been with us from the beginning, whether as volunteers or Councillors, as well as to the National Association of Local Councils and our many other supporters. I eagerly look forward to the next 10 years and all the possibilities they hold.”