Queen’s Park Housing Survey

We know from word of mouth that many Queen’s Park residents are struggling with concerns relating to housing conditions and circumstances.

Whether it is unaffordability, over crowding, risk of homelessness, leaks, damp, issues with the landlord, disrepair or other issues, we want to develop a comprehensive understanding of the issues affection our residents. The information you provide in the survey will help us build an evidence base to help us work better with the City Council, charities and other statutory bodies to improve housing and positively impact local people’s quality of life.

We want to hear from all kinds of people, living in all kind of homes – whether you are in council or social housing, private rented housing, or you own your home.

Why take part?

  • Help us build an evidence we can use to better lobby the City Council and other bodies to address residents’ housing concerns.
  • Help us better understand what advice, support and services you need.
  • Be in with a chance to win one of 2 £100 Love2Shop vouchers!

Complete the Survey below

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12 thoughts on “Queen’s Park Housing Survey

  1. I have an issue with the state of the streets in Peach Road W 10 and surrounding areas. Rubbish left out in paper and small bags in the street for foxes to distribute. It’s a terrible mess in the street. Residents need to be reminded of their responsibilities.

    1. Hello Neil,

      Thanks for raising your concerns. We can certainly raise awareness with City Council of the need to remind residents of their responsibilities regarding waste disposal.

      We want to hear about your other experiences with housing too, so whether these are negative or positive, please complete the survey to share your experiences with us, if you have not already done so.

      Kind regards

  2. How can I help?

    1. Hello John,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We are seeking volunteers to help collect housing survey responses by going door-to-door on their streets. If this is something that you can help with please do get in touch by email.

  3. My issue is the leasing in this country, why do we have to keep paying for a house that we already bought, we bought our house 22 years ago and last year we had to top up the lease again so it won’t drop more. It’s not fair 😢

    1. Hello Imane,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. While it is outside our scope to affect the leasing systems we do want to hear about other experiences with housing. Whether these experiences and negative or positive, we want to hear form you so if you have not already done so, please complete the survey

      Kind regards

  4. Questions are not visible.

    1. Hello Carolyn,

      Our apologies. Please use the link below if you’ve having issues accessing the survey on the website:

      Kind regards

  5. We are as a family living in Third Avenue and living this area for 20 years. These days Dog waste been left after in foot paths. It is dangerous unlawful thing. Kids walking to school are stepping on this and often falling down due to slippery. They may get injured.
    This must be rid off at the earliest.

    1. Hello Shahul,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. We know that Dog waste in the tree beds are a huge issue for many people across the area.

      We continuously raise concerns with the City Council regarding this and are working to ensure residents understand they can use the existing bins to dispose of dog waste. We will provide more updates about our approach to tackling Dog waste in the new year. Please sign up to our e-bulletin or keep an eye on our communication channels for updates.

      If you have not already done so, please complete the surveys to share more experiences about housing issues you experience.

      Kind regards

  6. Avatar for Administrator

    I live in the network housing Association and am living overcrowded with in 2 bedrooms with 5 people and I have special need child with me autism .

    1. Hello Rabia,

      Thank you for sharing your experience.

      If you haven’t already please complete the housing survey to help us build an evidence base to better champion the needs of residents.

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