Queen’s Park Fireworks Display 2023

For the last sixteen years, QPCC, in collaboration with Westminster Ward Councillors, has run the 5th November Fireworks Display in the Queen’s Park Gardens on Ilbert Street.

Each year, the go-ahead for the fireworks display hinges on the weather – too much rain or wind and QPCC would have to cancel the whole event.

Thankfully, this year, the weather posed no threat to the fireworks display, being less windy, cold and wet than in previous years.

As in previous years, the Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councillor Patricia McAllister, kicked off with a countdown. What’s more exciting is that the Lord Mayor has been one of Queen’s Park’s Ward Councillors for the second consecutive year.

As ever, the Fireworks Display included a VIP area bustling with QPCC Councillors, volunteers, local organisation partners and Ward Councillors from Queen’s Park, Harrow Road and Westbourne, and their families.

This year’s fireworks, according to residents that have reached out to us via our website and on social media been the best ever. We will surely do out best to top it, next year!

QPCC would once again like to thank Westminster City Council, Ward Councillors and all the volunteers who helped make the display possible and for their ongoing support for the Community Council across the year.