Have your say on the proposed precept increase

Queen’s Park Community Council raises most of its income through a precept of the Council Tax collected in the area.  On average, this totals around £49 annually per household.

This income is supplemented by funds raised through grant writing  activities, to enable the Council to run a wide range of events, projects and services to improve the health, wellbeing and qualify of life of residents.

QPCC is conscious of the financial pressures experienced by residents and has, therefore, always been cautious about any increases to the precept. Over the last (almost) decade, the precept was increased  only once – a 2% increase in response to increased demand for services.

Since then, QPCC has continued its core activities, including the Summer and Winter Festival, Fireworks Display, Queen’s Park in Bloom, the park enhancement project and others. It has also initiated new projects to meet developing needs, including the Summer in Queen’s Park Programme to support families and various health and wellbeing projects for older, socially isolated residents and those with caring responsibilities. The Council is also undergoing operational and strategic developments to represent better and meet residents’ needs.

Some areas of work , however, have had to be suspended to allow the Council to balance the increase in demand and its financial sustainability. Despite these steps, the current inflation levels have put additional pressure on already stretched resources. The Council is, therefore, in a position in which it must consider an increase to the precept. It proposes an increase that would result in an average £5 increase to the annual Council Tax collected per household.

We want to ensure we engage as many residents as possible to help inform this decision and will be consulting residents online (Social media, e-bulletin and website) as well as through various community hubs.

Please complete the short survey below to share your thoughts with us.

You can also share further thoughts, concerns or feedback in the have your say form a below the survey.

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Queen's Park Increase in Precept Consultation
We want to hear resident's opinions on a proposed increase to the precept which funds QPCC activities. the precept is collected as part of Council Tax.
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