BHM Feedback


First Off, Thank you so much for attending QPCC’s 2023 Black History Month Celebration.

It was fantastic seeing so many new faces and regulars too! We had a wonderful time celebrating our Crowns and Cultures, and hope you did too!

We’ll be facilitating more events across the year and want to hear from you about how you enjoyed the even and how you think we can improve. You can also join our BHM Steering Group to share your ideas and help us organise future events.


2 thoughts on “BHM Feedback

  1. I enjoyed the hair workshop

    1. Thank you Daniella for getting involved!

      Have you seen the promotion of our winter social event on the 21st December? If not, head over to the “get involved” section of our website to register for this and other community events.

      Many thanks

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