QPCC Councillors 2022-2026

Become a Councillor

On 21st September we issued notice of a casual vacancy – meaning there is a vacant seat on the Councillor.

The Community was informed of it’s right to call a by-election to elect a new Councillor to represent the Community. As a by-election was not triggered, the Council will now co-opt a member to fill this vacancy.

Co-option will take place at an extra-ordinary meeting of the Council on Wednesday 15th November, during which the existing eleven Councillors will vote to appoint a new Councillor from among those residents that have put themselves forward to become a member of the Council.

Any resident of the Queen’s Park, Westminster Community, or those with clear and identifiable ties to the Community can put themselves forward to become a Councillor.

At the extra-ordinary meeting, Councillors will consider the information provided by each candidate  and may ask each candidate questions to help inform their decision.  A vote will take place to appoint the new Councillor, after which, the appointed will sign a declaration of acceptance of office and will officially commence their duties as a Queen’s Park Community Councillor.

If you wish to express interest in being co-opted, you can do so by completing this online form.

Interested persons should read the following pages on the Council’s website to better understand the role of Councillors and the Council.

  1. About QPCC 
  2. QPCC History 
  3. What We do

Deadline, Friday 8th November 2023