Our Mission, Vision and Objectives

Our Mission, Vision and Objectives

QPCC Council MeetingOur Vision

QPCC aims to promote a strong sense of community and increase the quality of life for all residents of (and visitors to) Queen’s Park. Our vision is of a neighbourhood that has a strong sense of community; a place where people of all ages, cultures, religious and social backgrounds live, work and socialise together.

Our Mission

  • To be a voice for Queen’s Park, standing up for all members of our community.
  • To respect and safeguard the social mix of the local area, promote community spirit and cohesion, and help to maintain and improve the quality of homesfor all.
  • To safeguard local services and facilities, in particular those for vulnerable members of our community.
  • To create and develop strong and productive partnerships with a range of statutory agencies and local community groups and organisations.
  • To make the local area a safer environment and help to reduce crime and accidents.
  • To support the regeneration of the local economy and to improve economic and employment opportunities.
  • To cherish and enhance our environment, protect our heritage, and use resources wisely to minimise environmental impact.

Our Objectives

  • Health and wellbeing – to work with state and voluntary service providers to help identify gaps in services to local people and help fill these gaps where possible with a focus on children and young people, older people and unemployed people.
  • A Voice for Queen’s Park – to develop QPCC’s role as a ‘voice’ for the people of Queen’s Park and develop its relationship with partners and key stakeholders.
  • Local economy, business and jobs – to consult residents and businesses on improving the area’s commercial viability, and to explore the development of local employment initiatives.
  • Improving our environment – to deliver a Neighbourhood Plan, maximise the use of open spaces and the public realm including Queen’s Park Gardens, with a view to optimising the benefits to the community and make our streets safer.
  • Community cohesion – to promote community cohesion, neighbourliness and community spirit in all that we do, communicating with residents and supporting local events such as the annual Summer Festival and Fireworks Display.