Council Meeting Agenda & Papers

Community Council Meetings occur three times a year, in addition to an Annual Meeting, where the Chair of the Council is elected, Committee members are appointed, and governing documents are approved.

Residents are always welcome to attend Council Meetings to observe, pose questions, make representations or petition the Council, subject to certain conditions (see the Your Right to Speak policy below). At times, the Council may vote to exclude the public from parts of a meeting to discuss confidential items.

The format of Council Meetings is formal because of statutory requirements, and it is only possible to discuss items on the meeting’s agenda.

Meetings are announced three days in advance, with notices posted on noticeboards across the area and at the Beethoven Centre. The agenda, minutes of the previous meeting and other meeting papers are also available on the Council’s website and social media accounts three days in advance. You can also sign up for the Council meeting mailing list to receive emails about the Council Meetings.

Upcoming Council Meetings:
– 15th March 2023
– 24th May 2023
– 18th October 2023
– 17th January 2024

Meeting will take place at 18:00 – 20:00 pm at Officer 6, Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, W10 4JL.