Grant recipient: Friends of Queen’s Park Gardens

Grant fund: QPCC Community Grants Programme – 2017/18 (2)

Project: Volunteer gardening sessions

Amount received: £400

Blooming marvellous

The friends of Queen’s Park Gardens are a group of volunteers who maintain areas of Queen’s Park Gardens. They focus on the Wildlife Area, which is open to everyone and also used by playgroups and schools during the week, and the triangular rose bed. They look after other areas upon request, litter pick and run activities for the summer and winter festivals.

The Friends need a minimum of £200 a year to cover their running costs plus additional money to help cover the costs of the items they use to maintain the gardens. They also apply for further grants to buy plants. So far, with the money they received from QPCC they have repaired a broken hoe, purchased new hand forks and secateurs, sharpened shears to cut hedges and providing hardworking volunteers with the odd snack.

Astrid de Cosson, chair of the Friends, says: “We hope that every user of the gardens benefits from our work. People may remember that three years ago the rose bed was a solid block of overgrown roses, bindweed and other weeds. Last year, out volunteers worked for over 350 hours in the gardens, which is a really great contribution!

“If you would like to join us, we normally meet every other Saturday between 10am and after 1pm. Volunteers can arrive and leave when they want during that time and we are grateful even if you can only spend half an hour. If anyone has any ideas or projects they would like to carry out in the Wildlife Area, please do get in touch.

As well as keeping on top of the great work, the Friends have plans to introduce a bird bath to the wildlife area – so stay tuned!

For more information, please contact,, call 020 3219 3288 and leave a message, or check the noticeboards at the Third and Fourth Avenue entrances to the gardens.


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