The council consists of 12 councillors (sometimes called ‘Members’ of the council).

Councillors are local residents, who carry out a democratic role to represent other members of their community. They are not paid for this work, although they are entitled to a small allowance.

Elections for councillors take place every four years: the next election will be in 2022. On occasion, if there is no successful candidate, or if a councillor becomes disqualified or has to step down, the council can co-opt another councillor in order to make up the number. For QPCC elections, the Queen’s Park ward is divided into four zones, with three councillor positions in each.

You can contact a councillor using the details below.



  • Cllr John McArdle
    Cllr John McArdle Proper Officer and Responsible Officer (Cover)

    Working hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

    Contact John for: anything to do with around how council works, finances, policies and procedures

  • Lindsey Brown
    Lindsey Brown Community Officer

    Working hours:
    Usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

    Contact Lindsey for: anything to do around events, grants, communications, volunteering, community ideas and initiatives


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