Queen’s Park Community Council has two sources of funding that voluntary or community organisations and individuals living, working or delivering services in Queen’s Park Ward, Westminster, can apply to.



QPCC’s pop-up fund programme provides grants of up to £200, to help residents run events and mini-projects in Queen’s Park, such as street parties, workshops, meetings or film screenings. QPCC welcomes proposals for not-for-profit projects and events that benefit the wellbeing of residents and / or promote community cohesion. Initiatives can be open to the entire community or be targeted at specific groups, e.g. children or older people.

Residents or organisations with a base in Queen’s Park can submit applications on a rolling basis throughout the year, but ideally at least six to eight weeks in advance of the proposed project/event date so the Community Council can review and make a decision on it in time. More information can be found in the application form.

Applications to the Pop-up Fund should be sent to


The QPCC Community Grants programme accepts applications ranging from £200 – £3,500 for projects, activities and one-off events that deliver demonstrable benefits to the residents of Queen’s Park ward, Westminster. Constituted organisations can apply for any amount between £200 and £3,500. Individuals and unconstituted groups can apply for any amount between £200 and £1000.

QPCC will fund projects that are aligned with the Community Council’s vision for Queen’s Park, which is to improve the area and develop a more prosperous community. Your project will need to demonstrate positive outcomes under one or more of the themes that fit the council’s policies. More information can be found in the community grant guidelines.

The 2021 deadline for the community grants is:

  • 11.59pm on Monday 20 September (with decisions on applications to be made in Wednesday 20 October council meeting)

All applications to the community grants programme must be sent to


For more information on either of the above, please contact Community Officer, Lindsey Brown:

lindsey@queensparkcommunitycouncil.gov.uk / 020 8960 5644 / 07776 683 760



In certain circumstances, QPCC is able to provide grants to organisations outside of the two funds listed above. For example, the Community Council has and has decided to continue providing The Avenues Youth project with a grant of £20,000 a year for the next three years, together with an additional £5000 to support a ‘holiday hunger’ programme in 2019/20. As a longstanding and important provider of youth services in the area, this decision came after Westminster City Council cut all funding for voluntary youth services and The Avenues was left facing a funding crisis. 

In January 2021 as part of the Covid-19 support in the community the Community Council voted to award £3,500 to QPG Hub. This award will ensure QPG Hub can continue daily hot meal deliveries during the lockdown to the most vulnerable in our community. QPG Hub utilise volunteers within Queen’s Park to prepare and delivery the meals and carry out a doorstep welfare check on our most isolated neighbours.

In July 2019, the Community Council also agreed to award Community 4 All (C4A), a recently constituted group set up to provide local residents with a place to play dominoes and chess, £1,830 to cover a predicted shortfall in costs until further revenue funding could be identified.

Whilst the Community Council is able to exercise at any time, its existing duty or power in respect of providing financial assistance or grants to local or national organisations under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972, Section 137, grants outside of the two funding streams are not usually considered.


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