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Queen's Park Community Council - 3 May 2018 election results

9 May 2018 - 1:15pm

Local elections took place across the UK on 3 May 2018. Two elections were held in Queen's Park, one for Queen's Park Community Council and one for Westminster City Council. The two tiers of government will deal with different things - e.g. street cleaning and housing (Westminster City Council), and resident-led neighbourhood planning, events and local projects and initiatives (Queen's Park Community Council). This was only the second time that elections have been held for Queen's Park Community Council which was set up following a referendum in 2012. Queen's Park Community Council is London's first, and still the only, community (or parish) council in London.

Queen's Park Community Council elections are held every four years. The first elections were in 2014 and there are 12 community councillor positions each time. 

Thirteen nominations were received from residents wanting to be community councillors. All these were non-party so the candidates are all standing as independents. The community council is based on the Westminster City Council polling district boundaries. For the community council elections, the ward has then been divided into four zones, QPA, QPB, QPC, QPD (please view map attachment below). There are three community councillors to be elected in each of the four community council zones. If three or fewer persons are nominated to stand in any of the zones then a community council poll will not take place in any of those zones and the persons who are nominated will serve on the community council. 

In zones A and D, three nominations were received, and in zone B, two nominations were received. This means that all candidates in these zones were returned unopposed and there was not a community council poll in these zones. This means that your new community councillors in these zones are the following:


Zone A

Ryan Dalton

Gill Fitzhugh

Emma Sweeney


Zone B

Ray Lancashire

Susanna Rustin


Zone D

Leslie Barson

Orrel Lawrence

John McArdle


In zone C, five nominations were received. This means that there was a community council poll in zone C. The successful candidates in the community poll were:


Zone C

Brian Nicholas

Eartha Pond

Stella Wilson


Please see the attachments below for official election results for Zone C. The first meeting of the new community council will take place on 16 May 2018 at 6pm in the Beethoven Centre on Third Avenue, W10. All Queen's Park Community Council meetings are open to the public, who may ask questions or make comments at the start. At the meeting on 16 May, there will be an opportunity for you to meet your councillors and ask questions. Please do come along!