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Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan - full version and summary document (October 2017)

19 October 2017 - 4:30pm

Queen’s Park Community Council has just completed its draft Neighbourhood Plan. We have been developing this plan since the council was set up in 2014 and it is now ready for you, Queen’s Park residents, to make comments and suggest changes to it before it is put to the vote. 

A Neighbourhood Plan gives local people a role in making decisions about how they would like their area developed: the facilities they need, housing, high streets and workspaces, the environment, roads and transport. It also means that, if building is done in Queen’s Park, we can claim funds from a fund called The Community Infrastructure Levy, which can be used, as we choose, on improvements here in Queen's Park. 

So now it's time to tell us what you think! Read the summary and / or full document below and get in touch. Your feedback will be gathered and responded to, and we will make changes to the plan if appropriate. Please send your comments on the plan to by 30 November 2017 or attend one of our two open meetings: 

Wednesday 1 November 1-4pm, Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue.

Monday 13 November 6-8pm, Avenues Youth Club, Third Avenue.


Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan - summary version (October 2017) - This summary contains the policies from the full Neighbourhood Plan, as well as an overview of the key events in the development of the Plan.

Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan - full version (October 2017) - This document details the process through which the Neighbourhood Plan was produced, and contains policies and projects to improve Queen’s Park, based on feedback from the community. It also provides details of the evidence base that informs the Neighbourhood Plan. If approved, the policies will be taken into account in making planning decisions in the neighbourhood.

If you would like to see the background document to the Neighbourhood Plan, please see Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan - background document (January 2016)The Background Document was completed in January 2016, and contains research undertaken throughout 2015. This report is not a planning policy document, but acts as an important reference, informing the Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Plan.